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Internships (2-6 months)
Current internship offers - Master projects 2024-2025

We are looking for enthusiastic master students for longer-term internships

Master project 1 on progenitor dynamics during Clytia jellyfish regeneration. More information:  Master_2_Clytia-stem-cell-Project

Master project 2 on jellyfish striated muscle formation. More information: Master_2_Pelagia-sarcomere

Master project 3 on mesoglea dynamics during Clytia jellyfish regeneration. More information: M2_project_Mesoglea-Clytia

Master and Bachelor students

We invite motivated Bachelor and Master students with training and interest in evolutionary biology, systematics, developmental biology, cell biology, or computational biology to apply for an internship in the team.

Welcome to Cnidarian Development and
Evolution Team