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Chiara Sinigaglia

CNRS researcher

Chiara obtained her Bachelor (Biology) and Master (Evolutionary Biology) degrees from the University of Padua (Italy). She then joined the Sars Centre for Marine Molecular Biology (University of Bergen, Norway) for her PhD, studying axial patterning mechanisms in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. In her postdoctoral career, she has contributed to establishing Clytia jellyfish as a tractable system to study regeneration and recovery of pattern, at the Developmental Biology Laboratory of Villefranche-sur-Mer (Sorbonne University, France). She later studied limb regeneration in the crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis at the Institute for Functional Genomics of Lyon (France), before obtaining the ATIP-Avenir lab starting grant. She became a CNRS permanent researcher in 2022.

Lucas Leclere

CNRS researcher

Lucas obtained his PhD from Sorbonne University (France), studying life cycle evolution across hydrozoans and contributing to developing Clytia hemisphaerica as a tractable model. During his post-doc at the Sars Centre for Marine Molecular Biology (Bergen, Norway), he studied embryonic development in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. He then pursued an independent research program on medusozoan biology and evolution at the Developmental Biology Laboratory of Villefranche-sur-Mer (Sorbonne University, France), becoming a CNRS permanent researcher in 2015. He further obtained his Habilitation in 2021.

Manon Boosten

PhD student

Manon focuses on the genomic and ecological consequences of the loss of the polyp stage in the Pelagia lineage. She notably generated rich and foundational datasets of genomic, transcriptomic and gene-expression patterns on Pelagia noctliuca life cycle stages.

Bastien Salmon

PhD student

Bastien studies the molecular structure and development of jellyfish sarcomeres, using Pelagia noctiluca as a main experimental model.

Florian Pontheaux


Florian studies the mechanical regulation of Clytia regeneration. Funded by ATIP-Avenir, Florian is focusing on live imaging approaches.

Capucine Le Cam Ligier

Master 2 student

Capucine studies the molecular factors involved in Pelagia jellyfish bioluminescence

Alix Decobert

Master 1 student

Alix focuses on Clytia, studying the changes in epithelial cell packing during wound healing and regeneration.

Maciej Manko

Visiting scientist

Maciej is assistant professor at the Gdansk University (Poland), and regularly visiting our lab. He works on a broad array of taxonomical, evolutionary and developmental questions related to siphonophores, a group of colonial planktonic hydrozoans. In our lab, he is notably studying the evolution and development of the eudoxid stage (free living) in the calycophoran group.

Former Members.
  • Nicolas Schlick (Jellyfish facility technician, 2021-2022)
  • Camille Sant (Bioinformatics engineer, 2021-2022)
  • Linnea de Waal (Bachelor student, 2022)
  • Achille Villeneuve (Bachelor student, 2022)
  • Alexandre Jan (Jellyfish facility technician, 2020-2021)