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10 January 2024

Welcome Chris Latimer

Bachelor student from Halifax University, Canada

4-8 January 2024

Chiara teaches at the « Biophysics and Evolution of Morphogenesis » course in Calfuco, Chile


December 2023

Manon Bosten finishes her PhD projects

… and starts a postdoc at the LBDV. Best of luck Manon!

December 2023

Welcome Meghana GC

PhD student funded bt the Ligue Contre le Cancer

13 November 2023

Welcome Clara Deleau


14 October 2023

Fête de la science 2023 at the OOB

1st September 2023

Fred joins as the CNRS ‘Assistant Ingénieur’ of the team

Welcome Fred!

July 2023

Pelagia F2 generation well on its way! 

10-12 July 2023

Super-resolution microscopy workshop with Frank Schnorrer’s Lab


June-July 2023

Visit of Sophie Peron

Postdoc with Jordi Solana, and former PhD student of Lucas. Nice collaborative project underway, on Clytia

7 July 2023

Inauguration of the new 380L Pelagia system

19-20 June 2023

Florian attends a machine learning image analysis training

30 May 2023

Congrats Dr. Manon Boosten!

22-24 May 2023

Bastien and Lucas attend the ERC StudySarcomere retreat

with the F. Schnorrer, D. Görlich, M. Gautel and S. Raunser labs in the beautiful Château d’Arpaillargues
Thank you Frank for the invitation!

May 2023

Lucas becomes the new president of the Hydrozoan Society

 Next meeting in Banyuls (2026-27)


May 2023

Maciej Manko and Lucas sampling hydrozoans near Espegrend, Norway

International Hydrozoan Society workshop in Bergen


May 2023

Bye bye breakfast for Alix and May Line

May 2023

Team picture

From left to right: Bastien, Chiara, Florian, Capucine, Marti, Alix, May Line, Lucas

April 2023

Life cycle of Pelagia is closed in the lab!

4 April 2023

Chiara attending the CNRS recruits introduction day


March 2023

Best talk award for Bastien Salmon and its Pelagia sarcomeres

All the lab attends the Journées André Picard 2023 in Paris

March 2023

To regenerate or not to regenerate? This is the question!

Eleonora Nigro @nigrelex

8 March 2023

Chiara presents the Clytia regeneration project, at the Cambridge evo-devo series

6-14 March 2023

Lucas takes part in a Siphonophore-themed retreat in Gdansk, Poland

with Maciej Manko and Catriona Munro. Thank you Maciej for the invitation!

16 January 2023

Welcome Capucine

Master 2 student from La Rochelle University


1st January 2023

Florian joins the team for his post-doc

ATIP-Avenir funded post-doc


24-26 October 2022

Chiara presents Clytia research at the Max Planck-CBG, Dresden

Great days of discussions! Thanks Carl Modes for the invitation

10 October 2022

Work in progress…

10 October 2022

First breakfast at the OOB housing

Nice way to start the day!

7 October 2022

Ready to take the road to Banyuls!

Lucas moves his projects from Villefranche (LBDV) to Banyuls (BIOM)

26-30 September 2022

Chiara attends the EMBO regeneration meeting

Thank you EMBO for supporting the travel

July 2022

Transcriptomic work of Chiara, from her postdoc in the Averof lab, highlighted by CNRS

Regeneration is not a simple repetition of development

June 2022

Chiara gets a CNRS permanent position as « Chargée de Recherche »

Congrats Chiara!

18 April 2022

The Cnidevo Lab officially opens!

Welcome to Cnidarian Development and
Evolution Team